Previous Meetings

August 5, 2022 [Osaka,Web]

The 36st Open Symposium (The 95th Symposium)

Takahide Fukuyama (Osaka Metropolitan Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Noritaka Kuroda(YMC CO., LTD.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

---Corporate Short Presentations---

Hajime Ito (Hokkaido Univ.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Julien Legros(University of Rouen, France)
" Selectivity control by flow chemistry "

Seiji Suga (Okayama Univ.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

April22 2022 [Web]

The 94th Symposium

Masaru Serizawa (Beatsensing CO., LTD.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Miyamura Hiroyuki (Tokyo University.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Takashi Ohshima(Kyushu University.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

January28 2022 [Web]

The 93th Symposium

Yuichi Nakahara (AJINOMOTO Corporation)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Masahiro Hosoya (SHIONOGI & CO., LTD.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Kohei Tahara (Gifu Pharmaceutical University.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Nobember 1, 2021 [Web]

The 92th Symposium

Kazunobu Igawa (Kyushu University.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Kouji Hasegawa (Corporation powrex)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Masanori Kataoka(NATiAS Inc.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

August 6, 2021 [Web]

The 35st Open Symposium (The 91th Symposium)

Shinichiro Fuse ( Nagoya Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Hiroaki Sasai(Osaka Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

---Corporate Short Presentations---

Takao Saito (Takasago Chemical Corporation)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Yen-Ku Wu(National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University)
" Reframing Classic Chemical Reaction with Flow Technology "

Kiyomi Kakiuchi (Nara Institute of Science and Technology)
" Title " (in Japanese)

June 18, 2021 [Web]

The 90th Symposium

Masuji Hamasumi (Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Japan)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Takumi Matsueda (Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Japan)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Michiya Takagi (Kao Corp.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Toshiki Nokami (Tottori University)
" Title " (in Japanese)

march 5, 2021 [Web]

The 89th Symposium

Mahito Atobe (Yokohama National Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Masatoshi Maeki (Hokkaido Univ.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Seijiro Matsubara(Kyoto Univ.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

November 13, 2020 [Web]

The 88th Symposium

Shinichiro Fuse (Nagoya University)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Masami Ozawa (Nissan Chemical Co.,Ltd.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Toshihiko Ohta (Daikin Industries,Ltd.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

September 11, 2020 [Web]

The 34st Open Symposium (The 87th Symposium)

Aiichiro Nagaki (Kyoto Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Corning Incorporated Xinjun(Eric)Wu
" Continuous Manufacturing of API&Fine Chemicals with Advanced-Flow Reactor Technologies "

---Corporate Short Presentations---

Iwao Hachiya (Mie Univ.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Ken-ichiro Sotowa (Kyoto Univ.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Ilhyong Ryu (Osaka Prefecture Univ.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

June,12, 2020 [Web]

The 86th Symposium

Norio Ishizuka (Emaus Kyoto,Inc.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Takahiro Ohishi (KANEKA Corporation)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Nobuyuki Mase (Shizuoka University)
" Title " (in Japanese)

January,10-11 2020, Shizuoka

The 85th Symposium

Mitsuru Ohno (Daicel Corporation)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Takashi Sakajo (Department of Mathematics at Kyoto University)
" Title " (in Japanese)

~Remember meeting Jun-ichi Yoshida~


Shigeru Kado (Chiyoda Corporation)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Shigeru Deguchi (Research Center for Bioscience and Nanoscience)
" Title " (in Japanese)

November-21-23 2019, Awaji Island,Japan

The 2nd International Conference on Automated Flow and Microreactor Synthesis (ICAMS-2)

Plenary Lecture

Prof. Michael G. Organ (University of Ottawa, Canada)
"In-Line Analysis In Flow: The Gateway to Smart Synthesis and Machine Learning in Chemistry"

Invited Lecture

Dr. David Voigtraender (Evonik Nutrition & Care GmbH)
"Continuous Processing – A Powerful Tool for High Value Product Manufacturing at Evonik Health Care"

Dr. Yoichi M. A. Yamada (RIKEN)
"Silicon Nanowire Array-Stabilized Metal Nanoparticle Catalysts"

Prof. Jie Wu (National University of Singapore, Singapore)
"Continuous-Flow-Assisted Photochemical Transformations and API Synthesis"

Poster Presentation

August,8 2019, Osaka

The 83rd Symposium (The 33rd Open Symposium)

Christian Harald Hornung (CSIRO)
"New opportunities for continuous flow reactor design by using 3Dprinting "

Wei-Yu Lin (Kaohsiung Medical University)
"Lithium Acetylide: A versatile flow system for the synthesis of Heterocyclic and Internal Alkynes "

Toyohiro Chikyow (NIMS)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Takashi Ohshima (Kyushu University)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Hironao Sajiki (Gifu Pharmaceutical University)
" Title " (in Japanese)

April,26 2019, Osaka

The 82nd Symposium

Shinsuke Tadokoro (Nissan Chemical Co.,Ltd.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Tatsuya Fujii (AIST)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Jun-ichi Yoshida (National Institute of Technology, Suzuka College)
" Title " (in Japanese)

February,8 2019, Osaka

The 81st Symposium

Tomoyuki Miyao (Nara Institute of Science and Technology)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Yuiti Nakahara (Ajinomoto Healthy Supply Co., Inc.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

" uccess stories and trends of flow chemistries at industrial scale. "

November,2-3 2018, Shizuoka

The 80th Symposium

Yasunori Tsukahara (Microwave Chemical Co.,Ltd.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Akira Matsuoka (Kobe Steel, Ltd.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Toshiyuki Kawanabe (JNC Co.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Jun-ichi Yoshida (National Institute of Technology, Suzuka College)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Masaki Uchida (National Institute of Technology, Suzuka College)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Yasuhiro Nishiyama (Industrial Technology Center of Wakayama Pref.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

July,6 2018, Osaka

The 79th Symposium (The 32nd Open Symposium)

Akinori Muto (Osaka Prefecture Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Koichi Igarashi (Osaka City Univ.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Takashi Matsuura (Nippon Swagelok FST,Inc.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Tomoaki Horie (FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corp.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Norio Shibata (Nagoya Institute of Technology)
" Title " (in Japanese)

April,27 2018, Osaka

The 78th Symposium

Shusaku Asano (Kyoto Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Shigehito Simada (NARD institute,Ltd. )
" Title " (in Japanese)

Tadahisa Sato (Nano Innovation Laboratories Co., Ltd. )
" Title " (in Japanese)

January-18-20 2018, Osaka

The 1st International Conference on Automated Flow and Microreactor Synthesis (ICAMS-1)

Plenary Lecture

Volker Hessel (Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands)
"Pharmaceutical Flow Chemistry: Multiple Steps in Multiple Flows and in ONE-FLOW, with Smart On-line PAT-Quality Control"

Timothy F. Jamison (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
"The When, Why, and How of Flow Chemistry"

C. Oliver Kappe (University of Graz, Austria)
"Organic Synthesis Goes Flow – The Use of Continuous Flow Technology for the Synthesis of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients"

Koichi Fukase (Osaka University, Japan)
"Synthesis of Biofucntional Glycans Using Integrated Reaction Systems"

Keynote Lecture

John R. Naber (Merck & Co. Inc., USA)
"Recent Applications in Flow Chemistry at MSD"

Yangcheng Lu (Tsinghua University, China)
"Micromixer Assisted Cationic Polymerization"

Leslaw Mleczko (Bayer AG, Germany)
"Technology Development for Continuous Synthesis of Fine Chemicals - Industrial Perspective"

Joerg Sedelmeier (Novartis Pharma AG, Switzerland)
"Continuous Manufacturing at Novartis Pharma"

Andrew Rutter (GSK R&D, UK)
"The Evolution of Continuous Manufacturing Concepts for the Manufacture of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients"

Invited Lecture

Shinichiro Fuse (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
"Highly Efficient Amide Bond Formation Using Micro-flow Technology"

Takashi Fukuyama (Eisai Co.,Ltd., Japan)
"Application of Continuous Flow for the Synthesis of Eribulin Mesylate"

Heejin Kim (Kyoto University, Japan)
"Control of Rapid Rearrangements and Synthetic Applications Using Flow Microreactors"

Hiroaki Yasukouchi (Kaneka Corp., Japan)
"Flow Reactor System for Phosgene Reaction"

Hirotsugu Usutani (Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Japan)
"Development and Scale-Up of a Flow Flash Chemistry Process for a Key Boronic Acid Intermediate"

Yuichi Nakahara (Ajinomoto Co., Inc., Japan)
"Fundamental Technologies for Flow Microreactors -Accelerate the Industrial Application"

Hiroyuki Miyamura (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
"Development of Heterogeneous Metal Nanoparticle Catalysts toward Continuous-flow Reactions"

Yasuhiro Nishiyama (Industrial Technology Center of Wakayama Pref., Japan)
"Improvement of Photoreaction Efficiency in Flow Microreactors by using Hg Lamp or Visible LED Lamp"

Poster Presentation

October-20,21 2017, Wakayama

The 76th Symposium

Hiroaki Yasukouchi (Kaneka Corp.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Tomohiro Unno (Shionogi & Co.,Ltd.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Hajime Mori (Industrial Technology Center of Wakayama Pref.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Tatsuhito Matsuda (Sino Japan Chemical Co.Ltd.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Taisuke Maki (Kyoto Univ.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Aiichiro Nagaki (Kyoto Univ.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

July-28 2017, Osaka

The 75th Symposium (The 31st Open Symposium)

Kiyomi Kakiuchi (Nara Institute of Science and Technology)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Thomas Wirth (Cardiff Univ. , UK)
" Challenges in Flow Chemistry "

Andrea Adamo (Zaiput Flow Technologies,USA)
" Continuous efficient single and multistage extraction "

Takao Saito (Takasago Chemical Corporation)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Keiji Tanino (Hokkaido Univ.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

May-12 2017, Osaka

The 74th Symposium

Daisuke Honda (M Technique Co., Ltd.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Masashi Furuta (Takeda CO.,LTD.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Hiroyuki Nakamura (AIST)
"Title " (in Japanese)

January-27 2017, Osaka

The 73rd Symposium

Kazuki Matsumoto (Device for FlowChemistry)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Hiroshi Ikeda (Osaka Prefecture Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Hiroshi Takiyama (Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Technology)
"Title " (in Japanese)

November 25-26 2016, Toyama

The 72nd Symposium

Msami Ozawa (Nissan Chemical Industries,Ltd. )
" Title " (in Japanese)

Norio Ishizuka (Emaus Kyoto,Inc.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Kazuo Matsuyama (Kao Corp.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Yuichi Nakahara (Ajinomoto Co.,Inc.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

July-1 2016, Osaka

The 71st Symposium (The 30th Open Symposium)

Shawn Collins (Univ. of Montreal, Canada)
" Photochemical Synthesis of Heterocycles via Continuous Flow Methods "

Wouter Stam (Flowid)
" Flow chemistry for lab, pilot and production scale "

Bertram Manz (Magritek)
" Reaction monitoring with Spinsolve flow cell by Magritek "

Anil Kumar (IIT, India)
" Continuous Flow Process:A New Paradigm in Conjugated Polymers Syntheses "

Ilhyong RYU (Osaka Prefecture Univ.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

May-13 2016, Osaka

The 70th Symposium

Yukako Asano (Hitachi, Ltd. )
" Title " (in Japanese)

Shin Maezawa (YMC CO.,LTD.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Minoru Miyahara (Kyoto Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

January-29,30 2016, Gifu

The 69th Symposium

Tetsuya Yamamoto (Takasago CO.,LTD )
" Title " (in Japanese)

Hirotsugu Usutani (Takeda CO.,LTD.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Akichika Ito (Gifu Pharmaceutical Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Heejin Kim (Kyoto Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

October-8 2015, Osaka

The 68th Symposium

Hidetsugu Okamoto (Okayama Univ.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Hidenori Arai (Tacmina CO.,LTD.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Koichi Fukase (Osaka Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

July-10 2015, Osaka

The 67th Symposium (The 29th Open Symposium)

Charlotte Wiles(Chemtrix)
"Continuous Flow Reactors: An Opportunity for the development of flexible
& sustainable production processes"

Tomoyuki Toyoda (Kaneka Corporation)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Takafumi Horie (Kobe Univ.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Shun-ichi Hashimoto (Hokkaido Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Hideho Okamoto(Kyushu Univ.)/Jun-ichi Yoshida (Kyoto Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

April-24 2015, Osaka

The 66th Symposium

Kohei Nakayama (NOF Corporation)
" Title " (in Japanese)

"Title " (in Japanese)

Heejin Kim (Kyoto Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

February-6,7 2015, Kamakura

The 65th Symposium

Hitoshi Mitsui (Nippoh Chemicals Co., Ltd)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Tadahisa Sato (Nagaoka Univ. of Technology.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Yuichiroh Satoh (BioMedCore,Inc.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

October-31 2014, Osaka

The 64th Symposium

Takashi Ouchi(Takeda Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.)
"Process intensification : Producing more with less [Continuous flow hydrogenation of ethyl nicotinate]"

Osamu Tonomura (Kyoto Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Hajime Kawanami (AIST)
"Title " (in Japanese)

July-18 2014, Osaka

The 63rd Symposium (The 28th Open Symposium)

Christophe A.Serra (Univ. of Strasbourg)
"Intensification of NMP and ATRP polymer syntheses by microreaction technologies."

Mahito Atobe (Yokohama National Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Mike Hawes (Syrris Ltd.)
"Recent Developments in Flow Chemistry Technology"

Fumio Kawamoto (Fujifilm Finechemicals Co.,Ltd.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Toshiyuki Itoh (Tottori Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

May-30 2014, Osaka

The 62nd Symposium

Richard Jones (Thales Nano Inc.)
"Industrial Applications of Flow Chemistry: Novel Heterocycle Synthesis
and Making Dangerous Chemistry Safer!"

Toshiya Yasukawa (Mitsubishi Rayon Co.,Ltd.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Kimihiro Matsukawa (Osaka Municipal Technical Research Institute)
"Title " (in Japanese)

February-7,8 2014, Shizuoka

The 61st Symposium

Masami Takayama (Shionogi&Co.,Ltd.)
"Title"(in Japanese)

Tsutomu Matsumoto (Sumitomo Chemical Co.,Ltd.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Hirofumi Kuroda (Eisai Co.,Ltd.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

November-8 2013, Osaka

The 60th Symposium

Mitsuhiro Arisawa (Osaka Univ.)
"Title"(in Japanese)

Yoshiaki Nakazaki (Nano Cube Japan Co.,Ltd.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Satoshi Horikoshi (Sophia Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

August-2 2013, Osaka

The 59th Symposium (The 27th Open Symposium)

Jae Yon Yoon (SK Life Science)
"Continuous process for industrial application –pharmaceutical Chemical manufacturing"

Kiyomi Kakiuchi (Nara Institute of Science and Technology)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Nobuyuki Mase (Shizuoka Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Hideki Amii (Gunma Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Takashi Tkahashi (Yokohama College of Pharmacy)
"Title " (in Japanese)

May-31 2013, Osaka

The 58th Symposium

Yoichi Yamada (Riken)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Yutaka Takaguchi (Okayama Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

February-8,9 2013, Fukui

The 57th Symposium

Aiichiro Nagaki (Kyoto Univ.)
"Title" (in Japanese)

Takahide Fukuyama (Osaka Prefecture Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Shinichiro Fuse (Tokyo Institute of technology)
"Title " (in Japanese)

November-9, 2012, Osaka

The 56th Symposium

Toshiyuki Iwai (Osaka Municipal Technical Research Institute)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Tsutomu Ono (Okayama Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Akichika Ito (Gifu Pharmaceutical Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

August-3, 2012, Osaka

The 55th Symposium (The 26th Open Symposium)

Mathieu Pucheault (Univ. of Bordeaux)
"A greener chemistry: Some contribution of Ionic liquids, Catalysis and Millifluidics”

Seijiro Matsubara (Kyoto Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Kiyosei Takasu (Kyoto Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Akinori Muto (Osaka Prefecture Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Hitoshi Mitsui (Nippoh Chemicals Co.,Ltd.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

June-1, 2012, Osaka

The 54th Symposium

Katsunori Tanaka (Riken)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Hiroyuki Chiba (Eisai Co.,Ltd.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Kazuhiko Tsukagoshi (Doshisha Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

March-16, 2012, Osaka

The 53rd Symposium

Aiichiro Nagaki (Kyoto Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Shinichiro Fuse (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Takahide Fukuyama (Osaka Prefecture Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

November-4, 2011, Osaka

The 52nd Symposium

Ilhyong Ryu (Osaka Prefecture Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Hitoshi Mitsui(Nippoh Chemicals Co.,Ltd.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Takahide Fukuyama (Osaka Prefecture Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Masatoshi Taniguchi (Otsuka Chemical Co.,Ltd.)
Toshiro Konoike(Shionogi&Co.,Ltd.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Jun-ichi Yoshida (kyoto Univ.)
Kouichi Fukase (Osaka Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Hideho Okamoto
"Title " (in Japanese)

August-5, 2011, Osaka

The 51st Symposium (The 25th Open Symposium)

Steven V. Ley (Univ. of Cambridge)
"New Tools for Molecule Makers"

Katsuki Kusakabe (Sojo Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Hiroki Shimizu (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and
Technology (AIST))
"Title " (in Japanese)

Hiroyuki Hirano (Okayama Univ. of Science)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Kazuhiko Mizuno (Osaka Prefecture Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

April-22, 2011, Osaka

The 50th Symposium

Robert Ashe(AM Technology)
"Scaling up flow reactors"

Tatsuya Kawaguchi(Ube Industries,LTD)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Yasuo Yamazaki (Nippon Chemical Indusrial Co,LTD.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

January-28, 2011, Tokyo

The 49th Symposium (The 24th Open Symposium)

Andreas Kirschningichael Oelgemoller (Univ. of Hannover,Germany)
"Enabling Technologies in Organic Chemistry- From Minireactors to
New Heating Techniques"

Toshiharu Minoda (Daicel Chemical Industries,Ltd.)
"Title "(in Japanese)

Koji Noishiki (Kobe Steel,Ltd.)
"Title "(in Japanese)

October-29, 2010, Osaka

The 48th Symposium

Akihiro Orita (Okayama Univ. Science)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Takahiro Sagae (Nippon Soda Co.,Ltd.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Hideki Nakaya (Daikin Industries,Ltd.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

July-30, 2010, Osaka

The 47th Symposium (The 23rd Open Symposium)

Michael Oelgemoller (James Cook University, Australia)
"Fron Convevtional to Microphotochemistry"

Mamoru Mizuno (The Noguchi Institute)
"Title "(in Japanese)

Sato Masaaki (Osaka Prefecture Univ.)
"Title "(in Japanese)

Akira Suzuki (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
"Title "(in Japanese)

Memorial Lecture of 5th Dohgane Award
Jun-ichi Yoshida (Kyoto Univ.)
"Title "(in Japanese)

June-11, 2010, Osaka

The 46th Symposium

Kiyoyuki Ota(Scrum Inc.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Toru Oishi(Kyushu Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Toshiro Konoike(Shionogi & Co.,LTD)
"Title " (in Japanese)

May-12, 2010, Tokyo

The 45th Symposium (The 22nd Open Symposium)

Pierre Woehl (Corning European Technology Center,France)
"Applied Industrial Solutions based on Advanced-Flow Reactors."

Satoshi Miyazaki (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Ota Toshihiro (NOF Corporation)
"Title " (in Japanese)

December-4, 2009, Osaka

The 44th Symposium

Yoshihisa Matsuda (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
"Title "(in Japanese)

Mitsuru Shindo (Kyushu Univ.)
"Title "(in Japanese)

Hiromasa Takashima (Toray Engineering Co.,Ltd)
"Title " (in Japanese)

August-7, 2009, Osaka

The 43rd Symposium (The 21st Open Symposium)

Norbert Kockmann (Lonza AG Dr.)
"Microreactors in Pharmaceutical Industry - From Lab Scale to Production"

Takashi Takahashi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
"Title "(in Japanese)

Minoru Terano (Japan Advanced Institute of Technology)
"Title "(in Japanese)

Dong-Pyo Kim (Chungnam National Univ.)
"Novel Polymer Microfluidic Devices and Microstructures for Microchemical Synthetic

Memorial Lecture of 4th Dohgane Award
Ko-ichi Fukase (Osaka Univ.)
"Title "(in Japanese)

March-22, 2009, Osaka

The 42nd Symposium

Ken-ichiro Sotowa(The University of Tokushima)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Ryuji Yamamura(YMC Co., Ltd.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

January-16, 2009, Tokyo

The 41st Symposium (The 20th Open Symposium)

Masato Atobe(Osaka Institute of Technology)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Koichi Suzumori(Okayama Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Tomoya Inoue(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
"Title " (in Japanese)

September-26, 2008, Osaka

The 40th Symposium

Mark Gilligan(Syrris, Ltd. and Dolomite, Ltd.)
"Applications and examples of Flow Chemistry in Drug Discovery and
Process Development〝

Md. Taifur Rahman(Osaka Prefecture Univ.)
"Recent Trends in Microreactor Assisted Synthesis"

Jun-ichi Yoshida(Kyoto Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

July-4, 2008, Osaka

The 39th Symposium (The 19th Open Symposium)

C.Oliver kappe(Karl-Franzens-Univercity )
"Microwave Versus Flow Chemistry - Two Complementary Techniques?"

Junzo Otera(Okayama Univ. of Science)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Yasuhiro Uozumi(Institute for Molecular Science)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Yoon-Mo Koo(Inha Univ.)
"Applycation of lonic Liquids in Biotechnology"

Memorial Lecture of 3rd Dohgane Award
Iruhyon Ryu(Osaka Prefecture Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

April-25, 2008, Kyoto

The 38th Symposium

Yukihito Sumino(Shionogi & Co., Ltd.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Seiji Suga(Kyoto Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

November-5, 2007, Tokyo

The 37th Symposium (The 18th Open Symposium)

Masayuki Kirihara (Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Hideki Maeda(Fujifilm Corporation)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Koichi Fukase(Osaka Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

September-7, 2007, Osaka

The 36th Symposium (The 17th Open Symposium)

Thomas Wirth(Cardiff Univ.)
"Enhancement of Reaction Rates by Segmented Flow Technique:
New Aspects for Organic Synthesis "

Junichi Matsumoto(Osaka Organic Chemical Ind.Ltd.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Zsolt Lepp(Kwansei Gakuin Univ.)
"The use of a novel high temperature, high pressure microreactor to
facilitate carbonylation in a continuous-flow process."

Noboru Kitamura(Hokkaido Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Memorial Lecture of 2nd Dohgane Award
Hideho Okamoto (Kyushu Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

April-27 , 2007, Osaka

The 35th Symposium

Takeko Matsumura (Minerva Light Lab.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Hitoshi Mitsui (Nippoh Chemicals Co.,Ltd.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

January-26 , 2007, Osaka

The 34th Symposium

Holger Loewe (IMM,Germany)
"Chemical Syntheses with Microstructured Reactors - Possibilities,
Advantages, and Costs"

Noritaka Kuroda (Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

October-17, 2006, Tokyo

The 33rd Symposium (The 16th Open Symposium)

Kazuhiro Chiba(Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Technology)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Shigeki Hikage(Fujifilm Finechemical Co.,Ltd.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Ilhyong Ryu (Osaka Prefecture Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

June-30, 2006, Osaka

The 32nd Symposium (The 15th Open Symposium)

Lab Automation; Microreactor Technology

One-pot multi-step synthesis: a challenge spawning innovation
Tyler McQuade (Cornell University, U.S.A.)

New methods for the synthesis of PET probes
Masaaki Suzuki(Gifu Univ.)

Development of synthetic processes using microreactor
Masashi Oda(Hitachi Plant Technologies, Ltd.)

Generation of droplets and fine particles using microchannels
Toru Torii (Tokyo Univ.)

Memorial Lecture of 1st Dohgane Award
A 20 year love affair with developing automated synthesizers
Tohru Sugawara (ChemGenesis)

Friday-21, April, 2006, Osaka

The 31st Symposium

Dr. Ferenc Darvas(Thales Nanotechnology, Inc. President and Chairman)
" Mesofluidic hydrogenation and beyond:experiences and perspectives with
a new class of chemical instrumentations for rapid synthesis of compounds
and libraries"

Associate Prof. Manabu Tokeshi (Nagoya Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Prof. Masaaki Sato (Osaka Prefecture Univ.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Friday-11, November, 2005, Tokyo

The 30th Symposium (The 14th Open Symposium)

Lab Automation & Microreactor Technology

Dr. R. Osborne(AstraZeneca Associate)
" Some Aspects of Laboratory Automation
in Process Research at AstraZeneca"

Kazuhiko Yamada(Asahi Glass co., ltd.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Kazuhiro Mae(Kyoto Univ.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Iwao Dogane
" Title " (in Japanese)

Friday-29, July, 2005, Osaka

The 29th Symposium (The 13th Open Symposium)

Prof. Andreas Kirschning(Hannover University)
"Chemistry in flow - Enabling Technologies in
Organic Synthesis using PASS flow reactors"

" Title " (in Japanese)

Makoto Shimazaki (Bayer Yakuhin, Ltd)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Prof.Yoshinobu Baba (Nagoya Univ.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Prof. Yuji Wada (Osaka Univ.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Prof. Yujiro Hayashi(Tokyo Univ. of Science)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Tuesday-19, April, 2005, Nara

The 28th Symposium

Dr.Akio Minato((Kyoto Pharmaceutical University)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Suga Takahairo(OMRON Corporation)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Friday-14, January, 2005, Osaka

The 27th Symposium

Jun Kanazawa (Nippon Soda Co., Ltd.)
"Title " (in Japanese)

Hirofumi Kuroda(Eisai Co., Ltd.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Yukio Matsubara (Tokyo Rikakikai Co., Ltd.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Friday-8, October, 2004, Osaka

The 26th Symposium

Dr. Tohru Sugawara (ChemGenesis)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Dr. Hideho Okamoto (Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Free Discussion

Tuesday-10, August, 2004, Osaka

The 25th Symposium (The 12nd Open Symposium)

Prof. Sergey A. Kozumin (University of Chicago)
"A Three-Dimensional Array for Multiparallel Synthesis"
[Get PDF (108k)]

Prof. Masahiro Oshima (Kyoto Univ.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Prof. Minoru Seki (Osaka Prefecture Univ.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Dr. Keiichiro Nishizawa (TOSOH Co.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Prof. Kiyoshi Tomioka (Kyoto Univ.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Dr. Mitsuaki Komoto (Shiga Prefectural Government)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Wednesday-28, April, 2004, Osaka

The 24th Symposium

Prof. John A. Robinson (Zurich Univ.)
"Design, Synthesis, and Application of
Protein Epitope Mimetics"

Dr. Yasuyuki Kawanishi (Shionogi & Co., Ltd.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Dr. Yoshihiko Sugihara
(The Mitsubishi Chemical Group Science and Technology Research Center, Inc.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Friday-28, November, 2003, Tokyo

The 23rd Symposium (The 11st Open Symposium)

Prof. Peter H. Seeberger (ETH)
"The First Automated Oligosaccharide Synthesizer: Chemistry and
Medical Advances"

Dr. Kazuhiro Machida (ChemGenesis)
"Development of Solution Phase Automated Synthesizer and Its Applications"
(in Japanese)

Prof. Andrei K. Yudin (University of Toronto)
"LightningChem Platform for Automated Electroorganic Synthesis. From
Discovery of New Reactivity to Efficient Production of Novel Compound Libraries"

Friday-3, October, 2003, Osaka

The 22nd Symposium

Prof. Ilhyong Ryu (Osaka Prefecture University)

Takayuki Doi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Dr. Satoshi Yamaki (Shimadzu Corporation)

Friday-3, October, 2003, Osaka

The 21st Symposium (The 10th Open Symposium)

Friday-1, August, 2003, Osaka

Prof. Jun-ichi Yoshida (Kyoto Univ.)

Dr.Stephanie Won (GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals)

Prof. Shoichi Shimizu (Nihon University)

Dr. Shino Manabe (RIKEN: The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research)

Dr. Toshiyasu Sakakura
(AIST: National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)

Prof. Hideaki Maeda (Micro-space Chemistry Lab., Kyushu Univ.)

Monday-14, April, 2003, Osaka

The 20th Symposium

Dr. Masaki Yamada (Tanabe Seiyaku Co., Ltd., Discovery Research Laboratory)

Prof. Tatsuo Nishimura (Yamaguchi Univ., Faculty of Engineering)

Prof. Shinji Hasebe (Kyoto Univ., College and Graduate School of Engineering)

Friday-6, December, 2002, Tokyo

The 19th Symposium (The 9th Open Symposium)

Dr. Vijay Gupta (Personal Chemistry AB)
"Highly Efficient and Automated Microwave-Assisted Organic Synthesis Through
Coherent SynthesisTM"

Prof. Seiji Takeuchi (Niigata Pharmaceutical Univ.)

Prof. Tomoya Kitazume (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Friday-2, August, 2002, Osaka

The 18th Symposium (The 8th Open Symposium)

Prof. David Crich (Univ. of Illinois at Chicago)
"Coloring Organosulfur and Selenium Chemistry Green: The Fluorous Approach"

Dr. Brian L. Wittkamp (Mettler-Toledo)
"New Dimensions in Productivity:
Parallel Analytical Instrumentation for the Pharmaceutical Scientist"

Prof. Akio Minato (Kyoto Pharmaceutical Univ.)

Dr. Katsumi Ito (Takeda Chemical Industries, Ltd.)

Dr. Tsutomu Matsumoto (Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.)

Dr. Hiroaki Nakanishi (Shimadzu Co.)

Wednesday-24, April, 2002, Osaka

The 17th Symposium

Dr. Brian Warrington (GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals)
"Automated Drug Discovery"

Dr. Shintaro Nishimura (Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)

Dr. Ulrich Hackler (Chemspeed Ltd.)
"Integration of Synthesis, Analysis and Process R&D Onto One Platform, and
Synthesis of a Guanidinio-Pyrrole Receptor Library"

Friday-14, December, 2001, Tokyo

The 16th Symposium (The 7th Open Symposium)

Prof. Shoichi Shimizu (Nihon University)
"Topics in Automated Synthesis and Related Chemistry"

Prof. Koichi Fukase (Osaka University)

Prof. Shuichi Shoji (Waseda University)

Friday-10, August, 2001, Osaka

The 15th Symposium (The 6th Open Symposium)

Prof. Scott. G. Nelson (Univ. of Pittsburgh)
"New Reaction and Catalyst Designs with Applications to Automated Synthesis"
[Get PDF (70k)]

Dr. Norihiko Takenaka (BASF Japan Ltd.)
"Microreaction Technology - Vision and Reality-"

Prof. Akio Minato (Kyoto Pharmaceutical Univ.)
[Get PDF (52k)]

Dr. Ryutaro Kishimoto (MDL)

Prof. Shin-ichiro Nishimura (Hokkaido Univ.)

Prof. Mitsuhiko Shionoya (Tokyo Univ.)

Friday-6, April, 2001, Osaka

The 14th Symposium

Dr. Shin-ichiro Mohri (Kyowa Hakko Kogyo Co., Ltd.)

Dr. Takanori Anazawa (Kawamura Institute of Chemical Research)

Prof. Takehiko Kitamori(Univ.Tokyo)

Wednesday-29, November, 2000, Tokyo

The 13th Symposium (The 5th Open Symposium)

Dr. Iwao Dohgane (Sumika Technical Information Service, Inc.)
Organic Synthesis Utilizing a Computer (in Japanese)

Dr.Tohru Sugawara (Takeda Chemical Industries, Ltd.)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Prof. Takashi Takahashi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
" Title " (in Japanese)

Tuesday-25, July, 2000, Osaka

The 12th Symposium (The 4th Open Symposium)

Prof. Akihiro Orita (Okayama Univ. Science)
New Methodologies for Isolation of Product and Recovery of Catalyst (in Japanese)
[Get PDF (42k)]

Prof. Dennis P. Curran (Univ. Pittsburg)
An Introduction to Fluorous Techniques for Organi Synthesis:
From Separating Mixtures to Making Mixtures
[Get PDF1 (172k)] [Get PDF2 (144k)] [Get PDF3 (175k)] [Get PDF4 (119k)]

Prof. Shu Kobayashi ( Univ.Tokyo)
New Methodologies for High-Throughput Synthesis (in Japanese)
[Get PDF1 (168k)] [Get PDF2 (133k)]

Dr. Hiroko Satoh
(PRESTO, Japan Science and Technology Corporation and RIKEN)
Reaction Prediction Using Reaction Database (in Japanese)
[Get PDF (49k)]

Dr. Tadahisa Sato (Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd.)
Japan Chemical Innovation Institute(JCII): Material and Process Committee.
The research report.
"Microreactor technology which aimed at the chemical synthesis:
Material production system in the twenty-first century" (in Japanese)
[Get PDF (95k)]

Friday-21, April, 2000, Osaka

The 11th Symposium (Osaka)

Prof. Akio Minato (Kyoto Pharmaceutical Univ.)
Report on IMRET 4 in ATLANTA: the Forefront of Microreaction Technology

Dr. Nicholas William Hird (Takeda Chemical Industries, Ltd.)
Automated Synthesis: New Tools for the Organic Chemist

Dr. Tsuneo Terauchi (Mitsubishi Electoric Co.)
Technology and Application of Small-size Industrial Robots
We explain the technology of small-size industrial robots that are demanded greater
as products using "IT(Information Technology)" spreads more. At first, we introduce
markets, uses and application fields of industrial robot. Next, we take an example of
a small-size robot produce by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation,"RV-1A" and new
technology about the basic configuration, the mechanism with the control, the robot
languages etc. At last, as an example of application, we see the conveyer tracking by
the vision system.

Friday-26, November, 1999, Tokyo

The 10th Symposium (Tokyo)

Prof. Junzo Otera ( Okayama Univ. Sci.)
Automation of synthetic Processes

Dr. Iwao Dohgane (Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.)
Interim Report on the Project for Development of Automated Synthesis in
Kinki Chemical Society

Prof. Shoichi Shimizu (Nihon Univ.)
Survey of Recent Literature in Automated Synthesis. Present and Future Prospects

Dr. Osamu Hara (JAICI)
State-of-the-art Search Tool for Chemical Information - SciFinder

Ms. Yoshiko Tanahashi (ISI Japan)
Efficient Navigation of Scientific Literature through Citation Network

Friday-30, July, 1999, Osaka

The 9th Symposium (The 3rd Open Symposium)

Prof. Yoshihiro Ito (Tokushima Univ.)
Robotics and Microreactors in Evolutionary Molecular Engineering (in Japanese)
[Get PDF (220k)]

Dr. Michal Lebl (Spyder Instruments, U. S. A.)
New Approaches to Automatic Synthesis of Large Arrays of Small
Organic Molecules
[Get PDF (540k)]

Dr. Kenichi Yanagisawa (JCII)
Activities of Japan Chemical Innovation Institute (JCII), Proposal of
New Technology Vision (in Japanese)
[Get PDF (608k)]

Prof. Jun-ichi Yoshida (Kyoto Univ.)
Multi-Functional Phase Tag for Solution Phase Synthesis (in Japanese)
[Get PDF (344k)]

Prof. Ilhyong Ryu (Osaka Univ.)
Fluorous Synthesis: New Strategy for Automated Synthesis (in Japanese)
[Get PDF (544k)]

Wednesday-12, May, 1999, Osaka

The 8th Symposium

Prof. Sigenori Kashimura (Kinki University)
New Synthetic Reaction for Automated Synthesis Utilizing Mg Metal Coordination

Mr. Kazuhiro Machida (Argonaut Technologies K.K.)
Parallel Synthesizer in Organic Chemistry

Dr. Naoshi Imaki and Dr. Yuki Takuma (Mitsubishi Chemical Co.)

Wednesday-9, December, 1998, Osaka

The 7th Symposium

Dr. Shintaro Nishimura (Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)
Laboratory Automation for Development of New Drags

Mr. Ryu-ji Miura (Tecan Japan Co., Ltd. )
Applications of Pipetting Devices in Organic Synthesis and Their Possibility

Prof. Yasuhiro Uozumi (Nagoya City University)
Organic Synthesis in Aqueous Media Using Amphiphilic Resin-Supported Palladium
Complexes as Catalysts

Friday-7, August, 1998, Osaka

The 6th Symposium (The 2nd Open Symposium)

Dr. David G. Cork (Takeda Chemical Industries, Ltd.)
Automated Apparatus for using Powdered Reagents

Prof. Ilhyong Ryu (Osaka University)
A Short Introduction: What are Microreactors in Organic Synthesis?

Dr. S. DeWitt (Orchid Biocomputor Inc.)
Miniaturization of Automated Organic Synthesis

Dr. Teruo Fujii (RIKEN)
Development of a Micro-workbench. Towards Automation of Microscale Reactions

Dr. W. Ehrfeld (Institut fur Mikrotechnik Mainz)
Microreaction Technology. ----A Novel Approach to Chemistry

Friday-13, April, 1998, Osaka

The 5th Symposium

Prof. Jun-ichi Yoshida (Kyoto University)
Why micromachines now?

Prof. Masayoshi Esashi (Tohoku University)
Application of Micromachine Technology

Friday-14, November, 1997, Kyoto

The 4th Symposium

Dr. Kiyoshi Nokihara (Shimadzu Scientific Research)
Experiences in Development of Peptide Synthetic Apparatus Available for
AutomatedSynthetic Apparatus

Prof. Ilhyong Ryu (Osaka University)
New Approaches to Liquid Phase Automated Synthesis

Friday-8, August, 1997, Osaka

The 3rd Symposium (The 1st Open Symposium)

The Title: "Automated Synthesis. Now and Future"

Prof. Jun-ichi Yoshida (Kyoto University)
Why Automated Synthesis?

Prof. Kimihito Funatsu (Toyohashi University of Technology)
Prospects of Computer-Aided Design of Synthetic Routes

Mr. Katsumi Kiuchi (Rhone-Poulenc Ltd.)
Development of Synthetic Robot, SONAR

Prof. Jonathan S. Lindsey (North Carolina State University)
Prospects for the Future of Automation in Organic Synthesis

Prof. Junzo Otera (Okayama University of Science)
Concise Reaction Process Towards Automated Synthesis

Dr. Iwao Dohgane (Sumitomo Chem. Co., Ltd.)
New Advance in Organic Synthesis Based on Utilization of Computers

Friday-18, April, 1997, Osaka

The 2nd Symposium

Dr. Hideho Okamoto (Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.)
System Design Towards Automation of Synthetic Reactions

Mr. Ken-ichi Oikawa (Sogo Yakko Ltd.)
Development of ARS Apparatus and Its Future Prospects and Problems

Mr. Akio Maki (Tokyo Rika Ltd.)
Development of Customized Controller Available for Automated Synthesis

Tuesday-14, January, 1997, Kyoto

The 1st Symposium

Dr. Tohru Sugawara (Takeda Chemical Industries, Ltd.)
Basic Principles and Recent Trends in Automated Synthesis

Prof. Takashi Takahashi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Useful Automated Synthetic Apparatus for Library Construction